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Johnston Burkhardt

Real Estate Transactions, General Counsel Services, General Litigation

Chelsea Brener Cusimano

Employment Law, Civil Rights Litigation, General Litigation

Meghan Carter

Business Litigation, Business Counsel, Intellectual Property, Employment, General Litigation

Ashley Caruso

General Litigation, Business Litigation, Personal Injury, Business Counsel

Mervatt Eljaouhari

Personal Planning, Estate Planning, Business Transactions and Agreements, Business Counsel

Haley Jupiter

Haley Jupiter

Business Litigation, Family Law ,General Litigation

Joseph Marriott

Real Estate Litigation and Transactions, General Litigation, Land Use and Zoning, Tax Sales

M. "Suzy" Montero

Personal Injury Litigation, Business Litigation, Medical Malpractice, General Litigation

Keith Naccari

Mergers and Acquisitions, Tax Law, Conservation Strategies, Business Counsel, Transactions, Business Strategies

Kevin Naccari

Business Counsel, Tax, Mergers & Acquisitions, Bankruptcy

Ryan Richmond

Bankruptcy, Collections, Business Counsel, Business Litigation, Mediation

Scott Sternberg

Business Counsel, Business Litigation, Media and First Amendment, Personal Injury, General Litigation

Katherine Wells

General Litigation, Business Litigation, Estate Planning and Trusts, Environmental Counsel

Clayton White

Business Counsel, Start Ups, Mergers and Acquisitions, Transactions & Agreements, Business Strategies

Graham Williams

Business Litigation, Business Counsel, Employment Litigation, Bankruptcy Litigation, General Litigation