White House Taps SNW Partner David LaCerte for Senior Advisor Position

SNW Partner David LaCerte has been appointed to a Senior Advisor post at the federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM), where he will work in policy and as a special counsel in the administration of the President.

OPM is a sprawling federal agency responsible for broad policy over 2.2 million federal employees. In his new role, LaCerte will be chiefly involved in crafting policy in workforce relations, collective bargaining, and employee accountability for the world’s largest policymaker in these areas.

“I’m excited to once again answer the call to serve,” said LaCerte. “The fine lawyers and even better people at SNW are hard to leave behind, even with a request to serve our great nation.”

LaCerte will be transitioning to Washington, D.C. and leaves SNW Partner Ryan Richmond as the head of SNW’s Baton Rouge operation.

“Dave LaCerte is a lifelong public servant, and we always knew in the back of our minds that he may be called to serve again,” said SNW Partner Clayton White. “We wish Dave the best of luck in Washington, and look forward to continuing to grow our Baton Rouge operation on top of the excellent work he has done there.”