SNW Open for Business, Enacting Disaster Protocols

To our friends, family and colleagues:

Our firm has implemented our disaster/hurricane plan and we are moving to a skeleton crew in office starting Monday.

We are urging attorneys to work from home as needed and use our offices only as a hub.Fortunately, we already operate on the cloud and collaborate via Google and Slack, so the transition will be seamless.

We are built for this—coronavirus is not really what you plan for when building a tech forward law firm, but we are ready!

Our offices in NOLA and BR will be lightly manned, but locked. All our attorneys are safe, sound, healthy, and will be operating at full capacity.

We will e-sign documents, meet clients virtually and try to limit exposure as our President, Governor and local officials have asked.

Given the tenor of the times we expect you will still have questions: from news, to contracts, torts and government power. We will be there. We will also be closely monitoring the Louisiana Legislature, as always.

You have our cells and our e-mails, don’t hesitate to e-mail or call.Be safe and healthy!