You might be looking for a litigator, or a business lawyer to help with your problem. You may be seeking help with a breached contract, personal injury, a business dispute, a rights violation, a real estate claim, or a complex family law issue. Our team is full of experienced litigators ready to help you with your business, real estate or personal lawsuit.



Whether you need a knowledgeable partner for your business, advice on a merger or acquisition, or aid establishing your start-up, our legal team is made up of lawyers with years of business experience at all levels. With our team, we're ready get your business to the next level.



Concierge lawyering involves a relationship between a client and a lawyer in which the client pays a flat annual fee (billed monthly) to have a lawyer advise and consult the client on a variety of both legal and non-legal matters. In exchange for the flat fee, a concierge lawyer provides enhanced representation and counseling to the client and stands “on‑call” for the client to serve the client’s needs.

Clients are often reluctant to seek advice because they are afraid of incurring a large legal bill. Billing for concierge lawyering provides peace of mind and cash flow stability.

CALL TODAY to find out if concierge lawyering is right for your and your business.


Need to create a legal document? Our transaction and business counsel team covers basic contracts and complex matters like mergers and acquisitions. In addition, our family law team can help you create agreements that reflect your situation. Our team can also help with the closing on the purchase of a property and compliance. When it comes to transactions and business counsel, we dig deep into researching and drafting documents to make sure you get the best deal that adds value.




We Work Different

Sternberg, Naccari, & White, LLC, is a different kind of law firm – we formed this law firm around the idea that law should be practiced collaboratively and with the client in mind—not the number of hours an attorney can bill. With this practice philosophy, we have recruited a talented group of attorneys and advisors who understand that your success is key to our success.

Our practice philosophy is built on three principles: we integrate with our clients in order to help them solve their problems in real time. Our approach is innovative, as we are committed to evolve and be on the forefront of technology – tools we use to save everyone involved precious time and money. The firm’s final tenet is to keep our eye on the ball: everything we do must advance the client’s goals.

With this philosophy, our partners have created an innovative practice model and a cutting-edge Firm based around shared success, practicing around Louisiana from offices in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Join us today.