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One thing is for sure: when you make money, the government is going to get their share. 

With a skilled tax attorney, in conjunction with a tax adviser or CPA, the prudent business person can be sure they aren’t paying more than they should, or defend themselves. Our attorneys will make sure you take advantage of all the advanced tax strategies available.

Sternberg, Naccari & White's tax practice is led by Partner Keith Naccari, a New York University-trained tax lawyer with an L.L.M. in tax. Keith and the attorneys at Sternberg, Naccari & White can help you with:

  • Federal and State Income Tax Controversies
  • Audits
  • Tax Planning
  • State and Local Sales and Use Tax


Every piece of Property carries with it certain rights and responsibilities. The United States tax code provides certain charitable donation benefits for those individuals and certain businesses who donate their rights to develop certain property and agree to refrain from doing so. This extremely complex process requires significant due diligence and the advice of numerous professionals, including an attorney.
The attorneys at Sternberg, Naccari & White, LLC are uniquely skilled in the area of Conservation Easements, and the use of these strategies has provided significant benefits to firm Clients throughout the United States. The Firm utilizes flat fees, contingency fees and blended fees to help you achieve your conservation strategy and tax planning goals. Contact the attorneys at Sternberg, Naccari & White today.

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Family Law

Families in our community have a diverse and unique range of needs which affect their relationships, finances, children and more. At Sternberg, Naccari, and White, we want you to feel like part of our family. We value teamwork and collaboration for all issues involving family law and will be right there with you to offer our decades of experience and advice through the best of times, and the worst.

Areas of practice:

  • Adoptions
  • Child Custody and Child Support
  • Family and Child Custody Mediation
  • Divorce
  • LGBTQIA Specific Issues
  • Community Property Settlements
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements


Expanding your family through adoption is a wonderful gift. It can also be wrought with  substantial legal requirements which must be completed in a precise and timely manner. Our family law attorneys understand these requirements and can guide you through this process to make it run smoothly. We provide advice and representation in private adoptions, intra-family adoptions, and contested adoptions.

Schedule a consultation to discuss:

  • Private Adoptions
  • Intra Family Adoptions
  • LGBTQIA Adoptions
  • Contested Adoptions

Child Custody and Child Support

Child custody is one of the most difficult aspects of divorce and family law. At Sternberg, Naccari, and White we prioritize the well-being of your children as much as you do. Our goal in every child custody case is to advocate zealously for your wishes and for the best interest of your children. We have experience dealing with difficult custody issues such as special needs children, relocation situations, allegations of neglect or abuse, and more. We will collaborate with you to find creative solutions that result in the best possible outcome for you and your children.

Child Custody and Child Support Modifications

We often represent clients who wish to make modifications to an existing child custody or child support agreement. We understand how life can change and are well equipped to guide you through negotiations and, when needed, litigation to arrange a better situation for your family. Whether you wish to revisit your parenting schedule, plan for remarriage, or have child support issues, we have the experience to support you and your child’s best interests through this complex process.

Family and Child Custody Mediation

Offering one of the few Family and Child Custody Mediation services in the Greater New Orleans area, our certified mediator will help both parties feel supported and heard as a neutral party in negotiations. Mediation can be used as a creative tool to find the right solution to your divorce or child custody matters.


Many clients going through divorce come to us with more questions than answers. It can be a trying and emotional process. At Sternberg, Naccari, and White we aim to make that process as smooth as possible. Our family law attorneys have years of experience navigating through complicated matters and obtaining amicable and expeditious resolutions for our clients. We offer collaborative divorce and mediation for a more holistic approach to the divorce process.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is an alternative method of guiding our clients through conflicts that inevitably arise during the divorce process. Both parties must agree to this approach and to not pursue litigation during the process. Cooperative techniques are then utilized to foster amicable resolutions for all matters including child custody, child support, and division of property.

LGBTQIA Focused Areas

At Sternberg, Naccari, and White we recognize the nuanced issues that face LGBTQIA families. Our family law attorneys have extensive experience dealing with all areas of supporting our LGBTQIA community from second parent adoption to gender marker changes and beyond. We value inclusion and acceptance and you will feel it the moment you walk in our door. Call to start a conversation about any of our LGBTQIA Focus Areas.

LGBTQIA Focus Areas:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Adoption
  • Name Changes
  • Gender Marker Changes


Estate planning and trusts are important tools for any person no matter their means. Having an executed will and planning for the future can ensure peace and stability through the most difficult of times. The Estates and Trusts team at Sternberg, Naccari & White is led by Mervatt Eljaouhari, who has extensive experience drafting wills and trusts for individuals in Louisiana. Mervatt focuses on bringing value to the Client and regularly utilizes flat fees and continuous, one-on-one access. Whether you need a will or a trust for your children, a friend or a family member, or someone with special needs, planning for your succession is important for your friends and family. Contact Sternberg, Naccari & White to schedule a free consultation today.  

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  • Successfully negotiated and completed sale of local imaging service practice within client's timeline and cost goals.
  • Assisted family with establishing testamentary trust to aid in protection of assets to minor children.
  • Successfully appointed administrator in litigated succession by using specific probate procedure saving the client both time and money.


The attorneys at Sternberg, Naccari & White, LLC represent individuals and businesses on both sides of the personal injury equation. If you’ve been injured in an accident, don’t be fooled by gimmicks or billboards. Hire an attorney who can help you get the medical treatment you need and be fairly compensated for your injuries. Get the one-on-one help you need from an attorney that cares about you and your family. At Sternberg, Naccari & White, we advocate for victims of accidents and dangerous products. Whether your injuries require dealing with insurance companies, defending certain claims or arguing your case in court, we’ll fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys are skilled, with experience on both the Plaintiff and Defense side of the Personal Injury bar. We selectively represent people injured by:
  • Car, boat, bicycle and other accidents
  • Dangerous and defective products
  • Workplace accidents, explosions, fires, and injuries caused by machines
  • Maritime Accidents
  • Slip and falls


  • Advocated for a family against national retailer after a sensitive personal injury incident. Achieved confidential settlement for the family, avoiding filing of a lawsuit and the publicity that was certain to follow.
  • Reached a confidential settlement for a truck driver who sustained serious injuries in a vehicle collision with another 18 wheeler. We used our relationships in the region to file suit in an Alabama court and achieve a favorable settlement.
  • Full policy limits settlement for individual injured in bicycle accident on streets of New Orleans.


Whether you need to sue someone or another company for violating your rights, a contract, or you yourself have been sued, having effective, client-focused counsel is the most important part of your plan.

The lawyers at Sternberg, Naccari & White, LLC are not just litigators—we are regular people with families, mortgages, insurance policies and business interests. We combine our firm experience with transactions and complex litigation to serve you and your budget as efficient and effective counsel. We are committed to work with you to determine the most cost-effective plan and fee agreements to ensure our representation brings value. We have experience litigating:
  • Personal Injury
  • Breach of Contract
  • Insurance Disputes
  • Business Disputes
  • Property Disputes
  • Construction Disputes
  • Fraud Claims
  • Numerous Other Claims


  • On appeal, overturned partial verdict against our business Client on open account for time charged which could not be accounted for.
  • Collected amounts owed, attorney’s fees and costs in open account and unfair trade practices action by business who refused to pay vendor despite repeatedly saying the check was “in the mail.”
  • Negotiated settlement for local business for alleged ADA violations.
  • Represented a small business facing a personal injury lawsuit alone after their insurance company wrongfully denied coverage for the claim.
  • Filed a lawsuit against the insurance company to have the company assume the representation of the business. Insurance company quickly rescinded its wrongful denial without significant litigation and paid our attorneys’ fees.
  • Assisted contractor client with amicable resolution of collections action.
  • Successful in redhibition action against manufacturer of product purchased for local tourism business.


The laws of the state of Louisiana and the United States protect you from the government infringing upon your rights. When the government violates those rights, by restricting your Freedom of Speech or expression, religion, or some other fundamental right, the law provides a means for ending the violation and compensating a victim for their injuries. Sternberg, Naccari & White, LLC has represented dozens of plaintiffs in actions against state and local government alleging violations of their rights. In addition, SNW attorney Scott Sternberg has been published in the area of expression on public school campuses. Our extensive experience in this area includes:
  • Civil Rights Claims for violations of First and Fourth Amendment Rights
  • Claims against government-funded schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Claims against governments for speech codes and ordinances restricting political and social speech.
  • Tort claims against governments and government officials.


  • Completely successful in civil rights violations against local municipality for oppressing employee speech, including damages, attorney’s fees and costs.
  • Negotiated settlement with local economic development quasi-public agency on behalf of employee wrongfully terminated.
  • Regularly representing students in actions against their Universities for violations of freedom of speech and association.