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  About SN&W  

Our Lawyers are Entrepreneurs 

That makes us different. We focus on results, not the billable hour. 
We understand that your success is key to our success.

Our Philosophy 

The lawyers at SNW come from different places, practice distinct areas of law, and are at diverse stages in their careers, but the common thread is this: we are entrepreneurs. We have been there, with you, in the Boardroom, in the Courtroom, or at the kitchen table. We know what it’s like to start and run a business. And we know that the legal expenses line item can be your most frustrating and difficult thing to predict.

Most law firms are a pyramid—those at the top benefit from the long hours of those at the bottom in a system that incentivizes quantity over quality: getting paid over getting results. At SNW, we’ve turned that pyramid on its head. We use an innovative practice model based on an inventive and personalized fee structure, 24/7 stellar client service, and cutting edge technology. The old model doesn’t serve you, so we built a new one.

At SNW, we integrate with our Clients to help them identify the root of their problems and solve them efficiently and effectively. We use the latest technology because it just works better than a more traditional approach. And we do it to advance our Client’s objective and to protect your bottom line.  


Different works. And we can prove it.
  • "I was very impressed by their professionalism, confidence and competence as they took on the government entity that violated my rights. The patience and personal attention the firm showed me during my entire ordeal made me feel as though I was much more than a case number... I was a person."

    Ayanna F. 

  • "The team at SNW does a great job of explaining all of the legal issues and angles in an easy to understand manner. So, when it is time to get aggressive to ensure a positive result, you as a client feel confident that you are pursuing the best plan possible. It is great to see a firm care so much about your case."

    Jacques R.

    Non-Profit Executive Director and Restaurant Owner
  • "It's important to have an attorney that understands how important collecting your open accounts are. Sometimes it's because you need the money and other times it's because of the principle of the matter--this Firm recognizes the importance of both."

    Krista D.

    Managing Principal, Performance First Digital
  • "I know this firm on several levels--with any problem I've needed help with they are quick to respond and make sure that not only is my case taken care of, my mind is at ease that it's being handled promptly and professionally."

    Jordan M.

  • "My wife and I first met Scott Sternberg and Michael Finkelstein in September of 2017 when we were shopping around for attorneys who might take our case on a contingent fee basis. We made up our minds after our first meeting with them and signed on shortly thereafter. We couldn’t be more pleased, and they have earned every penny of their share of our settlement. We couldn’t have had a better experience. We recommend them without reservation and assure you that you will love how professional and how easily accessible they both are."

    Robert Hodes

  • "When the Louisiana Attorney General refused to release public records on an investigation into an elected official, we decided to hire attorney Scott Sternberg to go after them. It’s not often that you find law firms willing to take on the Attorney General, but Sternberg and his partners not only agreed to tackle it, they took the AG to court and got what we wanted! I would highly recommend their professional law firm to anyone seeking justice in Louisiana."

    Danny Lawler

  • "These attorneys are always available, which is essential for my busy schedule. I was so impressed with the strategic vision they had for my business planning that I hired them for personal litigation as well. They make a real effort to show me they care about the results my business and my family."

    Dr. Nicholas V.

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